We The People

The 2012 election will be an historial one that could put the final cap on America’s future as it is seen in it’s present form today,and at this writing seems to be heavily leaning toward socialism which we already have too much of, and most definately now communism under this present potus.

We the people are finally awake,and we do have our Commander in Chief and his unable crew filled with czars to thank for that much,but that much alone and nothing more.

So no matter who wins the Presidential seat,we the people will forever from this day forward be aware of all that we can ,that comes from the White House and crew and all other elected officals in our states.

We shall question boldly and with confidence now the decisions that will be made by our elected official servants.

We shall speak up against all that is unfair and unjust for the common good of every man.

We shall celebrate too all that comes for the good of the people.

We the people are now educated more about politics and rulers especially since 2008, and shall carry the truth of our government,and pass it along to all.Freely too!

We the people are on the side of what’s good ,fair ,just and right for every legal American .

We the people will be vigilant on having our elected servants follow our laws!

We the people will keep supporting the Constitution ,given to us by our forefathers, and expect our elected ones to do the same.


No matter who wins, from either side of the political isle ,we will state our rightful claim to freedom and be aware of what goes on in all branches of government and  with our elected officials that work for us.

After all, government is,Of the People ,By the People and ,For the People.

God Bless the USA!