Why are the MSM following the orders given out by a president now,when all information in a country that is free should be given out to the public? Pass this on,it’s the perfect example of how a country is quietly taken over from the inside by those that are from the outside,or shall we say those that dislike the US ,as our current sitting president shows he does daily.He’s acting like  the dictator wanna be he was put here by the elite to be! We cannot have this in a free country. Fight for your freedoms or you will see them go away and time is short,and and the fights a tough one but one we on the right must now win!

The media’s hiding what we all by now know is the truth of Obama.He’s an illegal sitting president,or he wouldn’t use millions of dollars hiding his birth certificate(yes we have proof the BC he put out a forgery) A certificate that any citizen can easily get a certified copy of for a very small fee! Wake up America!


Link to FULL Article: Did threats silence media on Obama probe?
Link to FULL Article: http://www.wnd.com/2012/03/did-threa…n-obama-probe/