Quoting Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, “Socialism’s great until you run out of other peoples money”.

These words ring so true in the world of today,and they are also the words that are not understood by the liberal progressive Marxist left.They just don’t see what real life is like under socialism and truly believe the government of a country should care for all the people.Unbelievable lack of knowledge on the left is amazing!

Interesting isn’t it. What has been tried over and over again in various countries(Socialism/Communism) ,and failed horribly,well liberals just don’t get it,sadly so for us all that they take down their path IF they are allowed to succeed here.

Socialism brings an ugliness to those that live under it that many just don’t believe can be as bad as it is….well it is ,unless you are wealthy.And remember the ultra wealthy have already left,least most of their money has,,,in fact in record numbers of 1800 since Obama came to office.And they’ve taken more than themselves with,they’ve taken their jobs and money,and who can blame them now.I can’t. The ones that are staying have invested in other countries heavily,,and liberals please understand now that will leave the US broke very soon,,and mission accomplished for Potus BHO and his handler Soro’s!

Liberals,as your costs for daily living rise, as they steadily are now, and have been more so under Potus Obama than any other potus I can remember,,,,how are you going to survive unless you are wealthy?

He’s a communist and every Russian I’ve ever met has been overjoyed to leave that form of government,that goes for many from socialist countries here too .They are overjoyed at the prospect of capitalism and freedoms,,the very things you are helping us lose with a vote for Obama again.

Obama doesn’t really care about you liberals,but you may care about him more after you can’t put gas in your car,go out and spend on outings,pay electric ,water or gas bills along with rent or a mortgage.Maybe liberals don’t believe in owning homes,but to me it’s still the American dream.But since this potus and the real estate fiasco fed by this regime and started under Bush with Geithner at the financial helm = we now have approx.65% of American’s that claim the American dream of home ownership.That percent is falling fast daily now and the rental market is hot,which means high cost of rentals now.Very sad state to see the US in.


I guarantee you liberals that you won’t enjoy your “freebies”.

Health Care – bring a book and wait in line for mediocre care or no care after waiting,that’s after you have waited for months to get care at all because of the overload on the ObamaCare medical system. We don’t have enough doctors NOW that take government healthcare,so the system will become one of a third world eventually at best! Then after age 55 ,hold your breath you are no longer useful to society so why should the government care?They won’t!They don’t now and that is the truth.

Disabled,well you don’t want that to happen at all.The truth of being labeled disabled by a government means you are of no use to the general population that needs all the resources it can get to survive under socialist communism,so you won’t be getting much help.It’s true now under our Medicaid system for the over 55 crowd.

Food – You will never get enough to feed yourself for a whole month or your family,,stop kidding yourselves please.And rationing will start in the age of Obama if he’s re-elected.He already has a heavy hand in our water and farming.So he’ll be controlling and telling you what to eat if you take his food.

Did you know that a disabled person now gets $2.58 a day to eat on in the state of Arizona or approx. $80.00 a month,nice job Brewer- keep it! Hope the other states do better!

Utilities – You are going to become very frugil with these.The smaller place you live in (as the current socialist countries can prove!) the less you spend on gas,electric and phone bills.

I need to mention here that you’ll be very lucky to have your electricity on all the time.It’s coming ,in the age of Obama.

Cars and Gas- You’ll need loads of cash for one IF he’s relected.Ever notice the high rate of bicycles in socialist countries?They don’t own many cars in them,can’t afford to.Lastly, the high price of gas (latest estimate shows it could reach $9.00 a gallon under Obama) will keep you from going anywhere if you still own a car and can afford to insure it.

Work Earnings – If you are working expect your payroll taxes to rise if this man is allowed to be relected.He’ll need your meager earnings,even at minimum wage.

Dependency – When you become totally dependent on the government,and don’t cheat ,,,believe me you’ll have nowhere to live and not much to eat.

Having grown up in a family that escaped socialism and lived under it’s oppression for years,unable to leave their country easily,and having known Russians and Cubans too,I do know what Obama’s future holds for all ,except the uber rich.The uber rich will be ruling over your every word and move along with the government in an Obama world.The silence will be deadening and maddening just as they have planned and shown us their hand we know this is the world of “change”they have to offer.

Your call now in the 2012 election liberals,,America needs you to wake up NOW before you make us all a third world country in the coming decades,the ones your children and grandchildren will be living in,if one calls socialistic communism living.Can you do that to them without studying every detail of the ones that now run us?Study them before you vote and vote right.

God Bless the Free United States of America That’s coming back starting in 2013!