This coming 2012 Presidential election is the most pivotal the American people have had to deal with in my lifetime.It’s a game changer IF bho wins and puts into play all of his ideas and  he will and fast too.We have socialism here now in America,but adding Communism to it ,calling it fascism is going to get as ugly as these very systems that are now in place around the world,and people are suffering under the greed and corruption of them right now.

Things to keep in mind for the future that are going on now in many parts of the world.

1.Your Home

Do you ever really own your home and can you say you always will?The answer is no.And that is because of taxes.Taxes on property can be raised yearly by crooked leaders .If they raise them too much and you cannot pay say $15K+ then you lose your home.In Illinois  for the last 2 decades I have seen property taxes go up from say $900 to over $4,000 on a home,now that’s tough but something to think about.

In many countries now that have gone the way of socialism and communism let’s say ,now home ownership is a prize.Some require down payments as high as 50% or only all cash.

2. Unions and Food

Unions came to big power after prohibition ended,,the mob needed income and they got it  from union dues,and boy did they do well and clean up too! Unions now control way to much.Let’s take food for one thing.Union groceries in all major cities,union truckers delivering the food.Well these truckers are mob controlled union,and they can be made to stop delivering at any time the govt. wants them to.Stores can also close at the unions will,,stock up now on food,just in case. Rationing also will come and that’s really criminal of the eugenics libs we have in power.



3. Banks

The govt. insures banks and the govt. can control them very easily as we all know.The govt.can close them or seize accounts at their will.You can also wake up one day to find banks shut down if that’s the govt.s will for the people.

4. Health Care!

Well if the govt. gives you health care for free then how much help do you really think you will get?The age of death panels isn’t 70yrs. old as we have heard.No it’s 60 really.Who will care for all of the people on govt care when doctors now are planning on leaving,and here they are now.You will get the doctors from overseas,and I do mean muslims here.And we also have some from SAfrica now,,and most ,90% don’t like you Americans very much! ..Already where I am the only doctors that see govt. insured are mainly muslims and they don’t care as we all should know by now.

Controlling your lifespan,what a thing to think about isn’t it,but if obama wins it’ll be so true and so sad for many. Remember nothing free is ever worthwhile from a govt. and can be taken away at any second they wish.Right now doctors are now getting printouts on what to treat in a patient.Sad thing is,the only things or thing treated is the LEAST important to keep you alive.Of course,keeping you alive isn’t their goal at all,,it’s really eugenics and that’s population control!Can’t support folks that take and cannot work after retiring  now can a govt. ,what for?! it only takes away from the masses that are productive,and they ‘ll be rationed too. It’s true.

I’m a realist and we have a future under obama that just might make us a 3rd world country and all govt. controlled.He’d love it as would the NWO too and bhos’ greatest success too,,, since the US seems to be the last holdout to control by the NWO,the UN will have our Military too,but then who needs a Military right! That’s what Obama would say!

These are prophetic times,but with strength we the people can vote right and put Governor Romney in as our next and best Potus and we won’t have to deal with the crimes of communists and socialists and control of us all,well all except the uber rich and there aren’t that many of them.We will become their servants and obey or die,tough to think of now but a very real possibility we cannot let happen here.

Vote Right…ROMNEY / RYAN 2012! Lets get back our freedoms!

God Blessed the USA!