Here we are now being told our banks will be regulated, of course they will be, and if Obama wins again it’ll start fast, probably in January 2013. This has been one of the Obama regime’s major goals, to come for We The People! It is the so called ‘sharing of wealth’ that fascists, socialist, and commies want and need to function. It makes those in power extremely wealthy as they take part of that ‘shared’ wealth for themselves, and history has shown this to be the case of forced ‘change’ under any dictatorship.

Isn’t it nice to learn our news from this POTUS on the nightly talk and squawk shows? Hardly–listening to Obama, it is clear they can’t let anyone profit–and if he has his way, we’ll all be wards of the state one day in some horrible, slowly created nightmare started in the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century by liberals! But their government dependency has never worked, nor has their taxation for that matter. Not much to help anyone, or anything of any good comes from the left, but only dependency–a form perhaps of slavery itself.

Writing on Obama’s Wednesday appearance on the Tonight Show, Tony Lee quotes Obama saying, “…look, these financial institutions are in it to make money and that’s why we need some smart regulations and this is an example of the difference in this campaign because my opponent says he wants to roll back all those regulations […] these people aren’t going to do it just out of a sense of guilt of what happened previously or because suddenly they feel charitable.”

Lee points out that Obama is right in that he, Obama, does not understand that, “such regulations–like Dodd-Frank–have actually hurt small and community banks that do not have the resources of the larger financial institutions.”

I would just say that whether Lee’s statement is true or not that Obama “does not understand,” the result is the same–Obama’s policies are destroying our economy and our nation. One of my favorite quotes in the area of money for the left is this one–and it always comes true under socialism:

“The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”

— Margaret Thatcher

Prime Minister Thatcher is more than right on the subject of re-distribution of wealth! If Obama isn’t stopped, he’s gonna be a very wealthy man while America rapidly digresses to a country that no longer leads, but follows liberals down a path with Muslims and a brotherhood of poverty, violence, and despair–evidently that is what Obama wants, and his crew are all working toward including members of our own elected officials in their diabolic scheme.

by TONY LEE 26 Oct 2012

55% Estate Tax!!! 52+%PAYROLL TAX increase under Obama!