Bloomberg and ObamaThis is certainly a turn around from the old Mayor Bloomberg, and quite a pleasant surprise too! He knows Obama is only using him for his own self serving ways now. Go Bloomberg! Priceless I might add too! Don’t mess with Bloomberg Obama he has your number if he needs you.

It was sure great to see Romney collecting relief supplies for the East Coast today in Ohio, while Obama needed the rest and stayed in his White House to play Potus.

My prayers go out to all those affected by storm Sandy this week and ask those that can to donate to the relief efforts to aid the victims. God carry them through this please.

From by BEN SHAPIRO 30 Oct 2012, 5:59 PM PDT

“President Obama has been a busy bee the last two days, spending a huge swath of time with the press and in front of the cameras. Aside from using the White House website as his personal PR firm – putting out pictures of himself with the folks at FEMA and the Red Cross and in the White House situation room, and giving updates stating that he had “expressed his concern” and been informed “throughout the night” – Obama desperately wanted to visit New York City to let the photographers capture him overseeing the damage. He wanted his hero moment.

And Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City doesn’t have time for that nonsense. He’s actually too busy being the mayor of a city in major crisis to squire Obama…….”

Read the short article here: BLOOMBERG TO OBAMA: STAY OUT OF NYC