Obama’s Meetings with Karzai and Netanyahu

January 11,2013

How does one begin to talk about the relationships our potus has with two very different men and rulers that are completly opposite.
While watching Obama meet with Karzai today,we all saw Obama beaming from ear to ear like a little boy that just made an important adult happy.Unbelievable,and frankly quite sad for America’s future under this current potus.

Guess we really are looking at birds of a feather one might say when these two puppet leaders meet.Karzai’s brother,a large dealer of heroin has made himself rich under his own brothers rule,along of course with making his brother wealthy,no doubt.But then Karzai’s gotta make a living doesn’t he,the world’s filled with nothing but greed today, it does seem.Not the best choice one might say to rule any country,but then it’s really all about money isn’t it,payoffs and who knows who in politics.Always is.They could care less for their country .

Maybe Mr. Obama is beaming from a large gift bestowed upon him today by his good friend Karzai.Never know,perhaps googles fake tax return of Obama’s is missing a few zeros by now .It even shows a very large financial gain since taking office,and folks it’s not in book sales alone,since the State Dept. had to buy those books in mass,yep guess they didn’t have enough to pass out for the bho youth.Who knows.You get the drift though of how caring,legitmate these two buddies are I hope.

Going back and remembering the meetings Obama has had,or should I say dismissed,with Netanyahu ,it clearly shows bho’s choice of evil leaders over good ones. Obama shamed the USA when he ignored Israel and it’s leader both.
Clearly showing us his choice, in this world run by evil terror,that terror would be supported against one of America’s oldest and most cherished of allies,,Israel.And bho’s still going strong on helping his beloved middle east and their corrupt leaders.

Won’t matter though who goes against Israel,even if the entire middle east does with bho’s help, because Israel has something that none of it’s allies or enemies have.That my friends would be the faith and support of God.The God that is missing in leaders ruled by another power,and that would be evil.

Meet with whoever you like,but remember God has blessed Israel not the other middle eastern lands.And God wins.