Do you ever really own your home is a question American’s need to ask themselves,especially now while we are under the strong  Marxist leadership of this present leftist regime in power.

Home ownership is still the largest of the American Dreams one can have to be proud of. But is your home ever really yours?The answer in reality and I’m sorry to say this is a big no.You may be saying,” but my home is paid off,it’s mine now not the lenders”,forgetting that you will still have real estate taxes that must be paid yearly on the land your home sits.And these taxes on the land may and can go up as the county you are in needs the revenue.You might be shocked one day as gradual raises are always going on. Many homeowners now are shocked,especially in large cities that are going bankrupt, that have raised real estate taxes in order to pay for all the debt and continuous big spending we have going on .

Well, somehow they have to keep supporting the mega pensions given to government employees , along with infrastructure repairs to keep union members busy,so taxes go up on homes along with everything else we purchase. It’s really very simple .

A perfect example of this is the city of Chicago.I’ve been studying their real estate for a long time and see that taxes have skyrocked! A home once taxed at aprox.$600 per year,has risen to over $4000 now and it didn’t take decades to do either.If the current home owner cannot pay the unbelievably high property taxes they owe,the government will step in and sell that home to the highest bidder at auction,and in Chicago they waste no time doing so. Either way the owner looses.

Food for thought ,since taxes on everything are rising .Save your tax money and pay your land rent as I call it,don’t allow this or any government to take what you have worked so hard to create.

Thank you for reading,,,Eminent domain one of my favs is next.One of Obama’s too!