So the dictator closes the doors of the Peoples House today and uses sequester to back it up more political bs from him .With all of the money from hard working American’s ,all we have ever seen from this fake plant in We The Peoples House is to keep spending it.Lavishly too like any dictator wants and feels entitled to.Now he’s closed your doors and this is disgraceful. How many school children have just been hurt by this,I hope their parents see the problem.We the People spend billions on the first family a year,not to mention multi milliions on their vacations,but we have no money for the children,for the citizens and seniors too, that have looked forward to visiting the Peoples House.This is petty nonsense and a bad management on the part of potus and gang.this makes no sense.



From Fox News:


White House cancels tours over

sequester cuts, as lawmakers call

decision political

Published March 05, 2013

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