Getting straight to the point of this post, I feel personally ill a lot now, medically and also ill for our country and the disease of Obamacare that is upon us all in some way or form. Urged to publish this by several friends whom I hold dear, I’m going to tell you all what it’s like for a disabled 60-year-old to be under Obamacare.

I am writing this extemporaneously, and also in a very quite tone of voice to tell you what to expect should you get stuck with this care (ps..there’s very little care in it). Bear with me good people.

Under a RINO supported ruling, our state now has unfortunately opted into BOCare, and that has been and still is gaining in support by way of political extortion, and is very unfortunate for those under Medicare and Medicaid in particular. In fact since our state has become one with BOcare, government medical and food is being approved for illegals in alarming rates with auto-extensions for over a year now instead of making all approved check in every six months. This will drain this once red state fast–it could even break it financially, but then that is what Obama’s one and only goal is, to drain our coffers for good. Sickening, to say the least for any good American that truly loves this great land.

Obama and his far extreme leftist Marxist gang need this care to pass badly since it will be the cornerstone in America’s demise. We the people can’t let this happen, we never have been ruled by a dictator and that’s just what he is trying to finalize here by harming us beyond repair for many decades to come. The proof is in the EU Socialists, they are now realizing their Marxist systems just don’t work and are working to change in order to stay alive. Good news, I hope the best for them and that they are sincere in their path.

Having supported myself since the age of 16, it was very hard for me to accept anyone taking care of me medically when I finally got so sick I almost stopped breathing and had to get to an ER fast. That’s how I started off, believing that any kind of care would get me well, but ended up learning the truth of government healthcare programs. Well, maybe they’ll get this ol’ lady back to work I thought, never thinking that was never the intention of this help. The intention of any government help, whether financial, medical or other is only to obtain a hold on the people. To control them,and it does just that sadly so. To take over the USA is their only goal.

Our then very liberal Governor, just before she left office, had signaled hospitals to add people to the public healthcare roles! This was told to me the day that I resisted signing to accept it at the ER. But I needed to breath that day, and treatment was being held up by my signature, while assuring me of the best of care I could get if I would only sign.


NO You can’t keep your current doctor! Highly unlikely

The first thing I learned was, in no way could I go back to the family doctor that I had for decades under my private, self paid for health care. Thinking that’s fine, that wouldn’t be a problem, I found a string of doctors that accepted me. Great news! Fix me so I can work! Well, sadly I never found any really good ones that weren’t overworked, or that just didn’t care since they get paid well below their fees charged by Medicare (Yes this happened under the last half of the Bush admin and into BO’s admin). I have a few doctors now, and am blessed beyond belief to have them, but it took me several years of changing to find them.

So, on government health care, you probably cannot keep your old family doctor, and you will also lose most of your current specialists, unless of course, they all sign up to participate, which evidently is not the case. I’m certainly not seeing any of that here in my large city, and don’t expect to see more signing up very soon, after all, why would they until it’s mandatory!

Doctors are leaving

Doctors that have been in practice for many years are now leaving, and who could blame them. We are going into the worst care on earth, and these good people must administer it? No, not all will participate, and those I see now that must, are wondering if they still should remain doctors. I have one that has cut his hours and taken a part time paid position at a hospital, another that has left and gone to the VA, and again, who could blame them. It’s We The People that will suffer now, we cannot have this care in America for it is no care at all but only maintenance, and maintenance kills!

The USA comes in approximately 37th in worldwide healthcare at the present time. Expect that to drop sharply IF this program is fully implemented and not repealed. This isn’t the USA folks, we must fight to regain Her back to Her roots of freedom for all, care for those that need it, and JOBS to sustain Her.

This POTUS we have has taken approximately $750 Billion dollars from Medicare in order to pay for his folly of Obamacare against We The People. This also means granny and grandpa are going to pay with their lives now for HIS lack of care, the immense expenses uncured from illness along with the stress will be enough.

Jobs in the medical field of all kinds are being lost at an alarming rate under this administration. I have spoken to the young and older people here that work in the fields of nuclear medicine in hospitals, to doctors and their staffs, and found without a doubt one thing is coming true, they are being cut. Their hours and pay in some cases are being cut in order for their offices to continue to stay open. They are afraid as we all should be, of what further harm is to befall us all. They have believed in the American Dream and that dream has now been shattered under the ruthless vile leadership we are under.

A few of the things that really do go on under Obamacare

This is hard, but necessary for you to know, so I will tell you. First, try hard to get a conservative doctor. They really are different, and on your side. I have found too many liberal ones that are against us, and for this federally regulated care where you are a statistical probability instead of a human suffering and trying to survive. After the age of 60 is when you should be very aware, if you are ill, that your care will be watched over by a panel. As we have discussed in my article on death panels, they are very real for the elderly and terminally ill young also.

Some Medical Areas to Watch Under this Maintenance care

Being sent to a doctor, of my doctors choosing that is, for the inability to move my arms or neck over six years ago was heartbreaking. The kind specialist said surgery was needed in order to live. Then he told me to find a surgeon since they had none. This made and still makes no sense and is a lie. I know this doctor works on sports stars,and yes they do have surgeons, just not for government care patients for they won’t make Instead they’ll give you pain doctors, shots and loads of meds and no they aren’t a fix. For a fix would mean you are well and off their care, not a chance! They could repair you,but they won’t! Their drugs will cause you more problems too in the GI area.

Once you have major GI problems from the drugs they so freely give you (gotta keep big pharma going don’t they!) they’ll allow you one and only hospital visit, and that’s only after you are bleeding out. After that, should your problem arise again, and it will since the GI tract is as important to a human as the brain is, they will allow you ER visits only and more drugs of course. A certain way to die before your time since we do know surgery again could have totally fixed this problem area, which was caused by ignoring another problem area of course!

Here where I am, I’d like to add that the ER has a new love for Morphine only pain relief. Our finest hospital has gotten rid of any other pain reliever a hospital could give you. You have no choice now or so I was told. Refuse it at all costs, as I did and shall continue to do, since it is connected to the middle east. Yes, morphine came before heroine and is very addicting. Gotta give the middle east more of a market here doesn’t BO since the only thing they can produce is the poppy. Shameful.


Cancer is a touchy subject that all people seem to believe is taken care of medically no matter what healthcare you have. Not true. Having thyroid cancer, believing also that once found would be taken out, a very nice and supposedly well qualified surgeon has looked at me and told me again not to worry with a smile of course, and just leave it alone, it’ll be fine. Unbelievable isn’t it all, but so true.

Brain tumors

Let’s add this ugly thing here. Once they find you have a brain tumor since the panels have approved your MRI, you’ll be told this “Oh we can fix that!” Then once the doctors see what insurance you have, you’ll get this and also with a smile,”Oh you’ll be fine, we’ll watch you.”

If you have an appointment with a doctor and another patient that got to keep their good healthcare needs an appointment, well you guessed it they will reschedule you.

There are so many more things to say but one thing I do know is, this proposed healthcare that is in existence and that they want for all, is in it’s own way criminal. It’s also eugenics, Agenda 21, and what’s good for the whole of society not just you.

Ted Cruz at this moment is fighting for us all and we need him to be a success for We the People now before our population is made to accept this inferior care that will not only destroy body but mind also.

I hope this helped you see a bit of the evil upon us all, for it is in some way going to affect us all. This was hard to write and I could have gone on more, but it’s time to stop. Time for questions to be asked by us all of the course of a very great nation that is in peril now. It’s not a left nor a right issue, it’s an American way of life issue for every man,woman and child on our soil.

Since this was hard to write for me, I hope you’ll pass along this link for me now, as Ted Cruz stands up for Americans in every state for the freedom we all hold so dear. Especially the freedom of healthcare, it’s your decision America, don’t settle for free care, for nothing of any value is ever free.

I’d like to thank the good doctors that I do have and the excellent care they give while their hands are tied and their nerves are on edge these days wondering if they too will want to leave behind an oath they took to care for people that once meant the world to them. God Bless them for it took too many years to find them in this pile of hogwash and bad doctors only in practice for the money, or only to play follow the leader in DC. God sees.

Thank You

Thank you Admin. of FB, for the push and the aid in this one.


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