October 22, 2013

What started as just another story for many that read Orwells 1984,the reality seen by those that are students of history is now coming to light here. Pass along Jerry Newcombe’s article,for it’s going to be an ugly future if we cannot turn this country around to it’s roots.


Exclusive: Jerry Newcombe spotlights ‘some are more equal than others’ reality of elites October 22, 2013 WND Exclusive

Now that we’ve had just a few weeks of the mess that is Obamacare, it brings home how grossly unfair it is for the political class to impose it on the rest of us and not have to abide by it (for as long as it lasts). It may yet collapse on its own weight.

I feel sorry for the younger generation (just out of college). They have less of a chance to get a good job with benefits. Many companies continue to downsize because of Obamacare.

So these young people get less work. But they’ll have to pay more for health care, which they may never see – assuming they can register for it, which we now know is a huge assumption.

Last week, one liberal blogger described how he had been all for Obamacare. He was one of the few ones (relatively speaking) who managed to get through the computer system and register online. Lo and behold, his insurance costs were going to go through the roof, as was the deductible. So he said, forget it. He even said he won’t pay the fine, either. Well, good luck with that.

In PJ Media this week, Roger Simon writes, “Over $1,500 a year for a $6,300-plus deductible? What healthy 30-year-old would waste his or her money?”

Obamacare seems simple to understand in a sentence: You pay more, but you get less. Not to mention the loss of freedoms, the institution of a massive governmental bureaucracy and the potential annihilation of health care as we know it.

At the very least, fairness would demand that all the politicians have to live under it. It’s grossly unfair to force the rest of us into a system that doesn’t seem to work, while the elite class is exempt from it. For now, they’re even exempting the big companies from it (for a year).

All of this reminds me of the classic anti-communist novel, “Animal Farm,” by the great British writer George Orwell (1903-1950). The short book is a parable of the Soviet Union.

And no, I’m not calling anyone a communist. But Dr. Paul Kengor, Grove City College professor, documents in his book “The Communist” that Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA (#47544). This is part of the public record.

Here’s a spoiler alert. In Orwell’s novel, you will recall, the animals revolt against the tyrannical farmer (Mr. Jones, a human), who represents the czar. But then as the animals look forward to sharing everything equally, the pigs in charge ultimately live high off the hog, so to speak.

After killing the farmer, the animals declare, “Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever.”

The animals post “Seven Commandments” – the final one stating, “All animals are equal.”

But as the plot develops, it becomes clear that the pigs (representing Josef Stalin, Leon Trotsky and other Soviet leaders) have become an elite class.

At the end of the book, as the other animals – who do all the work and underfed – look into the farmhouse, they see the pigs enjoying a great meal. They can barely distinguish the pigs from the humans, whose regime they had rebelled against.

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