In this age of ultra liberalism we are currently in, we are all facing the removal of God and our dear Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America in our schools. In a country founded upon the principles of the God of Abraham this is truly criminal, at least to me it is.

During the 1950’s in the public school I attended, every morning I would look forward to saying my pledge to this great country called America, and afterward I delighted at singing My Country Tis of Thee, for to me and my family America was the sweet land of liberty. A country where school children were allowed to praise GOD every morning, and sing praises to a great land also were unheard of in the country we immigrated from. A foreign land ruled by a tyrant that took God out of daily life and made himself a God to be praised; how ugly can evil get when this happens one really needs to wonder.

I first learned the words to the Pledge Of Allegiance in first grade, and let me tell you they were hard to learn at first since we had two languages going at home. I’ll tell you this, the main language at home was always English, and all the household struggled to learn it, and to excel at it too. We were now in a free land, God could be praised daily in public too, and people owned their own Bibles. Truly a wonderful gift America offered to all that came to it’s shores, legally I must add. For an immigrant that comes here illegally should be ashamed for lacking the respect America deserves, and I do mean all need to follow the immigration laws for they are the only way to become part of this great country.

Struggling to keep up with my class was my first school challenge, for the words to the pledge were said so fast (yes in 10 seconds or less)! I had to go home, write out the words and ask for help. But I got them, and when I got them right they made me proud, and I smiled with happiness. Holding my head up high daily, speaking my allegiance to this great land and to God (and in public I may add here) was the brightest part of my day.

Now it seems that todays liberals have no use for pledges or allegiance to anything but evil! That 10 seconds sure has gotten hard to fit into a school day for them hasn’t it? Well they should be very ashamed of themselves, it’s really that easy for me to say now.

So I’ll say my Pledge again here and now for those that don’t remember it. Try to feel the words as this young child once did, and feel the presence of GOD along with them!

The Pledge of Allegiance

“I pledge allegiance”
(I promise to be true)
“to the flag”
(to the symbol of our country)
“of the United States of America”
(each state that has joined to make our country)
“and to the Republic”
(a republic is a country where the people choose others to make laws for them — the government is for the people)
“for which it stands,”
(the flag means the country)
“one Nation”
(a single country)
“under God,”
(the people believe in a supreme being)
(the country cannot be split into parts)
“with liberty and justice”
(with freedom and fairness)
“for all.”
(for each person in the country)


The Pledge of Allegiance History