by KEN KLUKOWSKI 22 Nov 2013, 3:35 PM PDT Breitbart
On the game-changing radical move to remake the federal courts, top Senate sources tells Breitbart News several things about the Nov. 21 change of the fundamental rules of the U.S. Senate, and its implications for the nation. Democrats “will rue the day” they pushed the button on the nuclear option, these sources promise.

Although Senate rules can only be changed by a two-thirds vote (67 out of 100 senators), Sen. Harry Reid (NV) did so by an essentially unprecedented move called the “nuclear option,” as Breitbart News has previously explained. He asked the presiding officer of the Senate to rule that Senate Rule 22—the 60-vote requirement to invoke cloture to end Senate floor debate and end a filibuster—does not apply to presidential nominations for any federal office except the Supreme Court.

When the presiding officer ruled that this defining rule of the Senate does in fact properly apply (as it always has), Reid appealed the ruling of the chair. As my Bretibart News colleague Joel Pollak reported, by a vote of 52-48, earlier today Senate Democrats overruled the chair.

Only Democrats voted for this change. And three Democrats—Carl Levin (MI), Mark Pryor (AR), and Joe Manchin (WV)—joined every Republican in voting against it.

Senators are enraged. Breitbart News has learned the following:

First, there was no deal with any Republicans on this. Unlike previous conflicts where some Republican senators joined with some Democrats, this was a 100% Democratic effort.

Senators who have previously worked with the Democrats—like John McCain and Lindsay Graham—reportedly feel betrayed, and will not work with Democrats on any deal on nominations anymore. Sources say McCain in particular begged Reid not to cross this line. Some controversial nominees are on shaky enough ground that they might need some Republican support to get a majority. Those votes may no longer be available.

Second, Republicans will now fight each of these nominees, rather than casually allow them to go through. They want to make Democrats own these nominees if they are confirmed, as they likely will be quickly.

Whenever cloture is invoked, Senate rules still allow for 30 more hours of debate before the vote. Normally when cloture happens the remaining senators wrap up debate quickly to have a final vote and…


It also includes great control over us all in healthcare since he can put anyone he wants into a position to harm us. Smells like old Russia and bad leadership!