New York harbor was cold that December day in 1954,just ten days before Christmas. The SS United States made its way slowly and majestically into port for the last time that year. The ship carried the usual seasoned tourists from abroad along with businessmen and families returning home for the joyous holiday season , and some new immigrants too.

While gathering their things to depart some passengers probably didn’t notice one wide eyed small group of passengers in particular, that were one way only passengers,and entering America for the very first time. I wonder now how many noticed the small group smiling in awe and anticipation,slightly scared too, as the ship sailed past our Lady Liberty. A dream come true,and more dreams to come for this newest group of legal immigrants to America. Many taking in the sight of skyscrapers for the first time along with the largest city in America. What a moment that was,all the emotions flooding in,accompanied by tears of happiness. No one minded the cold that December day on the outside decks.

These newcomers weren’t refugees or folks that just boarded a ship,or walked across a countries border and said,”hey let’s live in America no questions asked!”,as seems to be the illegal practice by leadership in today’s America. No welfare checks waiting for these immigrants and no free handouts were expected then either by the brave people coming here legally that day from various cities in Europe.

It took years legally to enter the USA sixty years ago,when our immigration laws were being followed, and loads of hard work too. One had to save or borrow from family the money needed for paperwork and passage here. And an old way still prevailed, as it had for over a century or more before this group, of only sending part of a family,or just one member to gain a foothold in the worlds’ land of opportunity. Immigrants went through some gruelling challenges to qualify for entry into the USA,but for freedom it was a blessing they all happily worked hard toward. Some waited years,and never gave up hope.

A job was required to have in place for many immigrants along with an American sponsor to help them settle in. Good idea back in the day and a good one now too. Strange,now America’s doors are left wide open to all that can walk or easily sneak in, and to some known criminals also,and our newest illegals need no jobs. Today’s immigrants ,or refugees as many are being classified, receive thousands in help monthly. Starting with the government giving them (as a minimum) $925.00 monthly for rent and utilities, along with extra for food,medical, clothing,transportation and more. So why would they work! They must be laughing at you America and you too Lady Liberty,and they are. How pathetic and wrong it has all become when the lawless are in charge of the people.  Besides, where are they to work since we haven’t enough jobs now for our own citizens.

Today’s obama illegals are a slap in the face to all good Americans. The immigrants that came here lawfully and legally are proud people! They grew  bountiful,secure lives here working hard ,for the USA used to manufacture,we had jobs!. Factories were in every town,large or small, and in many neighborhoods in large cities too. Progressive rules and laws have lost much for us all here now,and they never work but only destroy what works . All had work back then, and they had what they needed and wanted too, because here in America they could work for it. Many of their homelands that had been destroyed during the long wars and work was badly needed to survive and grow and give one a real purpose in life.

The only handout that day after the ship had docked was by one of my favorite charities, The Salvation Army. They were a Godsend for those traveling  alone, especially when one did not speak the language. With warm coffee and a sandwich at the dock,perhaps a hug where needed ,they guided many to trains and buses that very same day to continue the journey of settling in and working hard to earn ones way in a free land. A land where laws were followed and people  were free,unlike living under a czar or a dictators will. It was a promise  and a breath of fresh air too that day for all. Hope and dreams to come true soon.

There is always a time and real need to help people, like the elderly our vets and the  disabled to name a few.  Just letting illegals walk or ride in,giving them rights and privileges, along with all they need to survive, as earned by legal Americans in real need, isn’t helping anyone,anywhere. This slap in the face to all Americans I pray goes away one day, and law is returned here. For what can anyone illegal in a new land , treated by the government like a pet, be proud of? Today’s immigrants can’t be proud. They are being used for a very ugly agenda too,how shameful.

I’m proud of my family now and always. I know all Americans are equally as proud of their immigrant ancestors that helped build, with hard work, blood,sweat and tears too, a great land called America. And they came legally and died with pride.

What a gift arriving in America was that cold day in New York City to many. And oh what a gift it has been.

God Bless America, what a beautiful nation she is.

Merry Christmas  sixty years later,and a very blessed Happy New Year to all! 🙂

Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America”, a song that means a great deal to many proud Americans.



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