In 1972 in Victoria, Canada, a rookie policeman wrote a poem for his girlfriend while driving home in his police car. Dave “the Cop” Richardson gave the poem to his friend David Foster, a young aspiring young musician looking for material for his new band, SKYLARK. Foster passed it along to Skylark guitarist Doug Edwards who set it to music. It was the first song Edwards had ever composed.

WILDFLOWER is one of the most performed songs in the history of Canadian popular music. Over 30 years it has sold multiple million copies in more than sixty versions. It’s been honored with a BMI Millionaire’s Award and SOCAN Classic and Crystal Awards. It is the song that launched David Foster’s career.


Below are two versions of this hauntingly beautiful song. The words have deep meaning if one looks closely and sees the pain within them along with the joy. You decide, for this one will leave you thinking, and it might bring tears to those that identify with some of it’s parts. God Bless you all during the hard times.

God is with us all, receive Him , pray to Him and thank Him always, and know that with just a little love and help from friends you will get through the tough times in life. And if by chance as you go along your life path and should  meet someone in need, please help that person along if you are able,for lifes roads can get hard alone . Let them cry, as this song says and be an aide to them on lifes path, and realize God sees it all.

Thank you my friends, from my heart always..