America is a dream of freedom and independence, held high by our Founding Fathers as they fought with their hearts for Her. Today we have a different world. One that shows this country has lost a great deal of it’s freedoms and soon will be a society totally run by the elites and those they put into power. Do we the people select our President in America? Doesn’t fee like we the people do ,and it’s showing as this great land turns left and into a Fascist dream created and run by the world’s elite , and those they groom to lead. It doesn’t feel like we the people have any say anymore on how this country is run.

Please read , and send this one out. Written by a man that loves this land with his heart as I do,and you do. One that  can feel, and see, the unwanted , (in a free country ), change in this once great country for the people , and by the people. The leftist ideals they have promoted in this country have never worked anywhere, and they don’t  work here.

History repeats. God Bless America, and it’s great people. I pray for men like our Founding Fathers to help Her back soon.

Hat tip to Neo and Thank You!

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When we lack judgement or common sense in real life, the results of our actions tend to correct us in the error of our ways. Lines are usually crisp in the physical world and so if we lose control of our car for example, and we are lucky, the worst thing that will happen is we might get a ticket or a repair bill—but if we’re not so lucky we could end up in jail or dead. Either way we don’t have to wait long for the laws of physics to apply corrective pressure.

In contrast, the lines are a bit more blurred in things like politics and philosophy, and also positive or negative results can be a bit slow arriving. Also when we err in judgement in those disciplines, the results are often like a giant’s steps, slow in coming but when the foot falls, it falls with great destructive potential.

The image below is a test. Before scrolling below the image, try to understand why the presidents are grouped the way they are. Begin now and take as much time as you need, then continue reading below for the correct answer…


Images similar to this one are circulating around the internet with the usual caption, “American Presidents in Uniform,” but that is misleading.

Now, let’s see how you did in the test.

If you said the grouping is based on order of term as president you are wrong—while the images are somewhat in that order, Clinton and Bush-43 are reversed. If you said the grouping is based on military service vs. none, you are wrong again. While military service can provide excellent experience for a president and might strengthen loyalty to the nation, presidents have been loved and hated and considered competent and incompetent who have served in the military.

But still, make no mistake, this photo grouping is based on a major shift in American politics, and that shift might just be the hallmark of the destruction of our nation that has already occurred. Both Clinton and Obama are not like the rest and their presence in the White House provides a clear line delineating the loss of the Republic that Benjamin Franklin implied we might not be able to keep, and I tell you today that we have not kept it.

As evidence I present that the grouping is based on the fact that the last two men in the lower right of the image were not elected but rather they were selected. Important to understand is that when you select something you always look for certain desirable features for your purpose. Those who now replace the American people in selecting presidents are looking foremost for compliant servants loyal to them, and not to the American people or the Constitution.

In the case of these two ‘chosen ones’, they are first both socialists/Marxists which would be the baseline qualification elites would consider whose purpose is to run a Fascist government where the people are enslaved by dependency on the government. But there is something else in that baseline. We Americans tend to be proud of our country and our culture. That loyalty is reinforced by things like serving in the military and by pressure from family members and through close family ties.

Therefore, Clinton and Obama were selected for their extreme leftist ideology first, and were deemed trustworthy to betray the Constitution via lack of loyalty having never served in the U.S. military, both men were fatherless, and the nearest living relative of each though of little consequence, were eliminated by death.

Clinton’s mother died within a year of his first term, and Obama’s grandmother died before he took office. Mentors and handlers became de facto family for both men, cementing the bond between them and the elites who placed them in office and turned over the keys of the nation to them.

Now, put on your logic cap, and look at the image again, this time empowered with common sense and knowledge, and recognise the glaring red light that says, we will not be allowed to choose our own president in 2016, and more importantly, we are no longer a Republic. The Republic is dead. The only question remaining is, can we revive it?


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