America, once the greatest land on earth, has been in trouble  for many years. One can look at her in today’s world ,and  clearly see the words of Ayn Rand, in her book  “Atlas Shrugged” , come alive now ,  on the streets of America, and oh what a shameful thing that is.

The progressive liberal culture of this land sure has changed it , and not for the good of the people , but for the good of our leaders.and the muslim countries they so bow to. Elitist, brain washed fools on both the right and the left side are taking us apart daily, bit by bit and slowly .

The poll numbers for Mrs. clinton are false, the media ripping apart Trump now are wrong too. Misguided fools in media, writing what they have been told too about the candidates, and attacking  Trump like the stupid dogs they have become, or have they all been threatened?. Shameful. Atlas is shrugging people, and the end isn’t pretty under liberal leadership.Hillary is going to go further into the USA becomming Cuba soon, than ever before. Her handlers, like obamas, and all the bush family too , are our real leaders . The NWO, the Bilderbergs.

The middle class will be gone soon. This leaves only the lower, poor class, and the rich. Thus you will have a slave class , in order to serve the wealthy. Those over age 50,perhaps 60 are no longer needed if mrs. clinton wins, they are a drain to society. The sick, elderly, disabled will be gone. They are gone in the middle east now.

Now that we finally have a candidate like Trump in play , we have a real chance of winning, for the good of all Americans. Trump is the closest to a Reagan and our founding fathers that we have ever seen America! He loves this country and it shows. He will do the things he said he will, because he wants them in place for his family to be safe here again, along with yours. He’s real people. I know this. We need him. Unfortunately the controlled dogs of politics on both sides are threatened by him ,because they are told to be and to  destroy him  ,  and must obey orders.  Just like in the days of Hitler! They should be threatened by him – they are also the ones,, on both political sides , that have destroyed us all, the middle class by obeying NWO orders. Probably an,,or else this and that will happen to them, so the media obeys, as do our greedy useless ones in power.

Trump is what we need America, and anyone with a half a brain knows that. Too bad media, politicians and the brainwashed public aren’t allowed to see, but are lead around by those over them, like stupid dogs. wow.

I have always known that we the people needed a businessman in charge, not some politically groomed, crushing uber liberal taught at the knee of the NWO.

Mrs. clinton lovers,if  your freebies go away, the power grid goes down, you are left with nothing. No food stamps, no free medical or housing too and on the list of goodies goes!

Trump is the only man that can bring us back our REPUBLIC. But , Atlas is shrugging now, against the heavy weight of liberal loons . Loons programmed to run to the govt. and whine poor me when they need something, and get it too, from your dollars , middle class. Shameful.

Trump is strong, and the poll numbers for him are too. They have just changed his poll numbers now to suit the agenda of the sick left. Heck this week even BO came in with high marks,,what a lie.

Vote for America in November 2016, Vote TRUMP, and rebuild America! Or,  vote mrs.clinton in and see what Nazi Germany  was only a practice run for! . And you freebie lovers on the left and right, you won’t live long under clinton, you spend too much money!

ONLY ONE MAN WILL FIGHT  FOR WE THE PEOPLE and bring us what we all need, THAT ‘S TRUMP


**This author has been in a very  unique position for well over a year now, and am observing the middle class change, and it’s not for the better,it’s a downfall now. The lower class, well they still don’t get it,  for their govt. payments haven’t yet been cut. YET! Our powergrid is still up, that’s all it will take to shake up the poor soon. There are only so many servants and slaves mrs. clinton will need , IF she wins. Madame Hitler won’t care about you,,she never has!  She’ll just dictate!